Occult Quantum Physics

"Anyone who is not shocked by quantum theory has not understood it." - Neils Bohr, Nobel Laureate.

Before dismissing the idea of magic and the occult sciences please watch the videos below.

...But first, here's a little background.

In the past 100 years quantum physics has proved that the classical Newtonian idea of materialism is a false description of the reality in which we live.

The videos below do a good job of explaining how and why materialism is false, but to truly appreciate the philosophical implications of this newly discovered paradigm, you should read up on Einstein, Niels Bohr, Steven Hawking, David Bohm, Brian Greene, and Roger Penrose....just to name a few.

I guarantee that the material will at the very least cause you to question the idea of materiality, and may change the way you perceive reality altogether.


This clip is only 10 minutes long but does a good job of describing "the measurement problem". The physical world that most people assume to be real and solid is nothing more than an illusion.

Until a subatomic particle is observed by a conscious being, that particle exists in potentia everywhere and everywhen in the entire universe. Upon observation this smeared out particle collapses to a single point in space for the moment of conscious observation. String these moments together one after the other and you create the illusion of time and a physical reality.

Space only exists as a relationship between 2 or more points. Time only exists as a relationship between 2 or more moments. If space only comes into existence upon observation by a conscious being and the act of observation creates time by separating one moment from the next, isn't it safe to say that space and time don't exist outside of consciousness?

If space, time, matter, and energy are all dependent on consciousness to create the fabric of material illusion, is it really a stretch to say that consciousness can affect the particles making up this illusion? Is the illusion itself not subservient to the consciousness that creates it? Magic is simply the science of manipulating this malleable physical world through the use of will and consciousness. I promise that these points will become clearer as you progress through these clips.

I hope this has warmed you up for this next clip.

A little more about consciousness and the illusion that we call physical reality (The Matrix of Illusion) and the holographic theory.

Max Planck is quoted at the beginning of the above clip. Max Planck is the father of quantum physics. This guy is no kook. His works greatly inspired Einstein and every physicist who came after him.

David Icke makes an appearance about 2:10 into the clip. If you're not familiar with David Icke, here's a little background on him. David is an excellent researcher and is not afraid to draw his own conclusions on any topic. He is very skilled at making connections between a wide variety of subjects including quantum physics, the occult, ancient history, esoterica, economics, and politics. I highly suggest you look him up on Youtube and listen to some of his lectures.

Holographic Universe

What the Bleep Do We Know Anyway

What are Dimensions

The Quantum Eraser Experiment

If your in the mood for a really mind warping confirmation of the weirdness of quantum physics, check out this quantum eraser experiment. This experiment confirms that the universe is non-local.