Sunday, August 29, 2010

Youtube Channel

I have recently consolidated my blogs into this single user friendly website. Each blog is now a webpage on this site (see the tabs above). Topics covered by the various webpages include, but are not limited to, the following:

-Income Inequality as Proof of a Conspiracy
-New World Order (Elitist Quots as Proof of a Conspiracy)
-The Occult
-Quantum Physics
-Fractional Reserve Banking
-Media Consolidation and the Dumbing Down of Humanity
-Effects of the New World Order Elitists
-Globalization and Corporate Empire
-Overview of our Modern Economic Crisis
-Maritime Law

Please explore the tabs above to read up on these subjects.

What I have created here is not meant to be a work authored by me. Why bother? I have no credentials or inside connections. What I can do to contribute to the truth-seeker movement is organize the credible information in a way that provides continuity in these subjects and allows the audience to participate. This is a project begun with the intent to never be finished. Only with your help and the help of others can we put the pieces together.

Most of what we call "credible" sources consist of documents, quotes, interviews, documentaries, and the speculation of authoritative figures. My own speculations will be in green font, so you will know to question the green statements more than anything else you encounter. I also encourage you to download every video that I have posted. The newest version of Real Player will allow you to download every video clip posted throughout these webpages.

All videos found on this website are hosted on my youtube channel ( along with a variety of other videos that have not yet been included in this project. Please visit my youtube channel and download as many of these videos as you can.